Daily radio shows from Morena FM

      By Night / Everyday (0500 GMT a 0900 GMT) - That's our early morning (2am to 6am local time) show, so it features great brazilian and international soft songs. It revolutionized local radio because everybody believed that no one ever listens to radio between 2am and 6am. Well, we prove them wrong.
      A La Carte / Mondays to Fridays (1500 GMT a 1700 GMT) - That's the most famous radio show in our region. It features the best MPB (brazilian jazz), Bossa Nova and Grapiuna music (MPB from our region) during our local lunch time.

Weekly shows

      dj Dance Tracks / Monday (2000 GMT) - A radio show featuing the best dance music from the 80's to today, including some special mixes and exclusive tracks.
      Trilha Sonora / Monday (2300 GMT) - The only show in Bahia's radio featuring soundtracks from new and old movies and tv series, including OST tracks and main titles.
      Mesa de Bar / Monday (0100 GMT) - Brazilian music at its best, featuring the kind of music we hear in pubs all over Brazil.
      Axé Bahia / Tuesday (2000 GMT) - Axe is the music from Bahia, a mix of latin and brazilian rhythms plus outstanding percussive sounds. Great radio show for dancing.
      Trem das Oito / Tuesday (2300 GMT) - More brazilian music, featuring famous and new artists that still don't play in other radio stations.
      Só Brasil / Tuesday (0100 GMT) - Imagine all kind of brazilian music in one place. That's this radio show, from samba and bossa nova to axé and forró.
      Reggae Mania / Wednesday (2000 GMT) - A reggae radio show that goes beyond Bob Marley and jamaican artists, featuring also reggae from Africa, Brazil and Europe, old, classic and new songs.
      Memória BR / Wednesday (2300 GMT) - We lead our listeners in a trip back to old days, featuring classic songs from Brazil. The kind of music that will never stop playing at radio stations.
      Rock Brasilis / Wednesday (0100 GMT) - The only radio show in our region featuring brazilian rock, from well known artists to new bands. Want to known how brazilian rock sounds? This is the place.
      Xamêgo da Morena / Thursday (2000 GMT) - Now, you must hear this. It's a radio show featuring forró and baião, a dancing music from the Northeast of Brazil, very particular. It uses accordion, a small drum (zabumba), and a triangle.
      Raiz Brasileira / Thursday (2300 GMT) - A radio show entirely devoted to samba, the oldest and main rhythm from Brazil.
      rock Max Metal / Thursday (0100 GMT) - A great success in our region, this radio show features the best rock from all over the world. You will hear many great hits, but also some tracks that never made to public release. Try this program if you like rock.
      Paixão Morena / Friday (2000 GMT) - A radio show about romantic songs. That's right. Great to hear with somebody special.
      Expresso 98 / Friday (2300 GMT) - This was the first radio show in Brazil entirely made with digital tracks, in 1990. Today it features the best internacional (mostly american and british) songs from the 90's, including many exclusive tracks that never made to public release..
      Hot Mix / Friday (0100 GMT) - Dance, dance, dance. From hits of the disco era to the 90's to today. If it's good for a disco or rave, it's here.
      Onda 98 / Saturday and Sunday (1200 GMT to 1700 GMT) - In local time, that's when people here are at the beach, so this radio show features mainly axé, pop and samba.
      Bons Tempos / Saturday (2200 GMT) - A flashback radio show, featuring great songs from the 70's to the 90's, both brazilian and international.
      Lendas do Rock / Sunday (2000 GMT) - There's only three or four radio shows like this one in all Brazil. It features the best rock legends, like Pink Floyd, Uriah Heep, UFO, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns 'n Roses, AC/DC, Judas Priest and a lot more.
      In Concert / Sunday (2200 GMT) - A radio show devoted to an entire album from a great artist, brazilian or international. From Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon to Tom Jobin's Aguas de Março.
      Memory / Sunday (0100 GMT) - Flashback music from any year before the 1990's.

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